Here's a look at some of the Lake Erie Harbors and Landmarks

The Niagara cruises the Great Lakes like this stop in Cleveland.

In 2006 Cleveland will host a Great Lakes Harborfest featuring many Tall Ships in July.

Perry's Monument in Put n' Bay stands over 300 tall with an observation deck at the top.

Looking down on Put In Bay Harbor

where the Jet Express brings in thousands of visitors daily.

The South Bass Lighthouse on the south side of South Bass Island.

The Miller Ferry crosses from the south side to Catawba.

The Huron lighthouse is the tallest on Lake Erie.

To find Huron look for the white smoke from the gravel plant which can be seen for 20 miles.

The LETS Rendezvous fills the Huron docks.

Many Tartans spend "Timeless" hours sailing the Lake Erie Islands.

The SE Shoal Light marks the way for the shipping channels.

Cholechester Reef is on of the spots the ships try to avoid.

The Port Stanley proves there is never any wind on Lake Erie, at least when you want to sail the 65 miles to Cleveland.

The Easlake Power Plant marks the Chagrin River east of Cleveland.

Don't get confused as the Grand River Lighthouse is 25 miles east of Cleveland and the Lorain Harbor light is 20 miles west of Cleveland. Both have seen recent renovation.