Following is an album of pictures taken by Paul Nickerson.
All pictures are copyrighted and may not be used without permission which may be obtained in higher definition by e-mailing Paul Nickerson.

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The pictures were taken with a Cannon ProShot 90IS which features a 10 optical, image stabilized lense.

Just had to put this one in as I fly the Spinnaker Solo.

Sun sets behind Perry's Monument on Put In Bay. The picture was taken from about 10 miles away with a 10x Zoom and 2x Digital extender.

Sailing off Cleveland Ohio

Other Lake Erie Harbors and Lighthouses

Downtown Cleveland at Sunrise while Nicknack enjoys the early morning offshore breeze.

Sailing out of Edgewater YC on the west end of Cleveland puts you just minutes of some spectacular views.

The Cleveland Lighthouse blends into downtown and the base shows some of the abuse of Lake Erie.

On beautiful days you can't wait to get past it but "The Lake has got it's eyes on you!"

November 12 & 13, 2003 Storm force winds from the NW ravaged Cleveland. These pictures of the Cleveland Lighthouse were taken from the Edgewater Yacht Club Pavilion.

While waves crashed over the breakwall and boats sunk in the harbor, the seagulls played in the wind and waves.

Sailing off Cleveland, the Sun sets into Lake Erie all summer long.

Ducks nest on the Cleveland Harbor marker at the main entrance.

Whether finishing a 100 mile solo challenge at sunrise

or enjoying an after work sail.

They call it Cleveland's Gold Coast for some reason.

Seems like there are always clear skies the night of the Full Moon.

Downtown Cleveland and the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Sometimes you have to sit and wait for the offshore breeze.

What better time to play with the camera!

One of our favorite events every year is watching the Cleveland Air Show from Lake Erie.
The Thunderbirds were there in '05